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Tarot Card: The Sun

In general, the Sun symbolizes calm and pleasant moments. This may be a sudden increase in vitality and motivation in life. This card also indicates goodness, warmth and abandoning problems. It also refers to success which may be ahead.

- happiness and success in life
- joy
- optimism
- peace and harmony
- positive news
- successful and fulfilling plans
- self-confidence
- love
- an improvement in health
- travel
- self-realization
- freedom

- success and luck in love
- a relationship full of happiness and love
- agreement and mutual understanding in a relationship
- a good atmosphere at home
- engagement

Finance and work:
- a positive stage at work and in finance
- new perspectives in business
- material success
- the possibility of making a quick buck
- an attractive working environment
- working with passion

Description of the person:
- happy
- good
- joyful
- optimistic
- full of strength and energy
- authoritative
- calm

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