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Cookies Policy

1. What are cookies?
Cookies are small data files (in particular text files). They are stored by the server on your computer. These files allow recognizing your device and display a website with the adjustment to your preferences. Cookies files usually have their own ID, address of website (from which they origin) and storage time.

2. What are the types of cookies we use?
“Session” cookies – these are temporary files saved on your device. They are active until you log off or close the web browser,
“Permanent” cookies – files are stored on your device for a specified period or until you delete them from your computer,
Cookies of external entities

3. Why do we use cookies?
Cookies used by the website are used for card reading in order to save selected cards. Additionally, our portal takes advantage of Google Analytics, Google AdSense advertisements and uses social module of Facebook and Google +. Information about the creation of these files by these services is in our privacy policy.

4. Cookies - removal and turning off
You have the opportunity to turn off the service of cookies at any time by disabling this option in the settings of your browser. However, you must remember that turning off cookies may cause difficulties in access to certain modules and thus proper functioning of our website. Generally, websites automatically allow the creation of cookies. Browser settings can also be used in a way, which will automatically block the service of “cookies” or inform about their use. You can find more information about the service of “cookies” in settings or help file of your web browser (program, which you use to browse websites).

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