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Tarot Card: The Magician

The Magician signifies a smart person who has a good chance of success and is striving to achieve this. Sometimes the magician also signifies the appearance of another person with these characteristics.

- new initiatives, ideas and actions
- resourcefulness, imagination and creativity
- self-confidence
- self-realization
- vitality
- a strong character and strong will
- understanding
- auspiciousness
- looking inside oneself
- spiritual development

- success in love
- a strong and attractive man
- success, stability and harmony in the relationship
- agreement with the partner

Finance and work:
- success at work and financial success
- diligence
- improving qualifications
- knowledge and experience in the workplace

Description of the person:
- mentally resilient
- has a strong will
- self-confident
- wise and experienced
- clever and crafty

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