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Tarot Card: The Hermit

The Hermit signifies a wise and mature person who is developing their inner being. This person may isolate themselves from society and distance themselves to some matters. This card also shows a desire to get to know oneself. The Hermit may also symbolize a calm approach towards life.

- wisdom
- isolation from the outside world
- self-realization
- reflection about life
- searching for the truth
- expanding knowledge
- experience
- a lonely lifestyle
- maturity
- following their own way
- asceticism and sacrifice
- a mature relationship
- leadership
- spiritual development

- a serious relationship
- emotional maturity
- reciprocated feelings
- sometimes an indication of loneliness
- the quietening down of problems in a relationship

Finance and work:
- being a good advisor
- independence and self-reliance at work
- serious interests
- bold financial management

Description of the person:
- self-sufficient
- independent
- secretive and mysterious
- clever and experienced
- patient
- religious
- calm

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