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Tarot Card: The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man signifies being at a standstill. This may be at a crossroads, between a pleasant and less pleasant situation. Sometimes it signifies isolation from problems and society. This card also symbolizes thinking and learning a lesson from certain matters.

- lack of changes
- peace and quiet
- isolation
- delays
- career peak
- lack of desire and motivation to act
- escaping from reality
- expecting to solve certain issues
- intellectual development
- supporting decisions

- waiting for a successful relationship
- the need to make sacrifices in love
- sometimes unsatisfied feelings

Finance and work:
- stagnation in business
- professional career peak
- the need for change
- sometimes an indication of unemployment

Description of the person:
- emotionally sensitive
- distant
- introverted
- calm
- living in a different world

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