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Tarot Card: Justice

The Justice card emphasizes that for all misdeeds, it will be necessary to sooner or later face the consequences. This card often signifies the solving of problems, an honest approach towards a situation, and even the end of legal problems. It also indicates the pursuit of compromise and reconciliation.

- solving problems
- taking responsibility for actions
- goals of harmony and stability
- wise decisions
- a factual approach
- tidying up some things in life
- dealing with matters from the past
- consistency
- compromise
- consideration of a decision

- taking responsibility for emotions
- honesty and fairness in a relationship
- harmony and fulfilment

Finance and work:
- taking responsibility for work
- a fair compromise at work
- paying attention to managing expenses
- entering into a contract

Description of the person:
- even-tempered
- honest
- serious
- loyal
- consistent
- clever
- prudent
- impartial

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