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Horoscope 2016 » Sagittarius

Horoscope Sagittarius

All this year will be for you, dear Sagittarius, an opportunity to realize your goals and aspirations. Both professionally and emotionally. Remember, there is always a risk which bears negative consequences, because very often a successful event bypasses you just because you're afraid to take a chance gently.Therefore, take fate into your skillful hands, take a chance. Certainly Fortuna proves to be gracious and glowing with luck.It is also a very good year to legalize civil unions, engagements or emotional declarations. This year, you can find fulfillment in love, almost the idealized and dreamed one.

Love and affection - this year will bring you, Sagittarius, lot of surprises in the realm of feelings. You'll find out who has a crush on you for a long time, and you can discover that you reaaly have a deep feeling for someone for a long time. You'll be surprised at the return of the situation, the Fate will send to you many wonderful and unforgettable moments. In the stable relationships, strengthening ties, including possible engagement or wedding.

Job and career – you will have a great chance this year, dear Sagittarius, to earn or win a big fortune. Is it a game of chance, or by using the gift of fate, which could become a donation or decline.In your work, a good relationship with your boss, support from colleagues, suitable systems for the future. You can change the work in the spring.Career starts to flourish, the  objectives will be achieved this year. Jobs and education will give you a lot of satisfaction

Health - start to work towards improving your fitness, you will lose thanks to it several centimeters, about which you happen to complain. Light therapy and aromatherapy soothe the senses and keep your inner balance. Think of a diet rich in minerals and vitamins. Goood for you will be a suitable form of relaxation, choose what gives you more pleasure, movement and exercise, or less active form of relaxation

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