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Horoscope Pisces

Dear Pisces, it will be a successful year. From the very beginning of the winter season, you will take another step to plan new projects. The preferred time for a new job or opening business activity will be the turn of spring and summer. In autumn, you can welcome a new family member, or the very beginning of pregnancy. Pisces from the third decade of the sign, have a great chance to create a successful, happy relationship – a partner will do anything for you, so do not be afraid to make important life decisions. End of the year is the time to end disputes, avert misunderstandings. Successful year in the family, tightening ties and new beginnings that will allow for the establishment of a new family, so if you're single, expect from the fate that you will encounter your future spouse.

Feelings and love – Dear Pisces, the year 2016 will bring turn of events, and thus, totally unexpected relationship with someone who has already appeared once in your life. It is possible that feeling will intensify and flourish again. Especially the second decade  Pisces,  will get fron Venus incredible moments, full of passion and fulfillment. In stable relationships slight stagnation. Think of how and where to revive feelings in your relationship. Possible trip with a partner, as well as a new member of the family.

Career and money - this year, many of you, dear Pisces will take an important life decision regarding jobs and careers. If for some time you put aside important decisions associated with it, this year will bring a twist of action and new horizons and opportunities. Take a hard working, roll up your sleeves, move forward, pluck up with the unsatisfactory activities and decide on certain step which will change the stagnation into the  life full of action and surprises, positive events and big money. Possible development of activities in own companies, possible big increases and favourable advances.

Health - According to the Stars, a lot of you, dear Pisces, will take up this year a fight for another child in the family. Get ready for the challenge, diet, as well as new solutions. Many of you this year will take action towards wellness, new diet, healthy eating, exercise on fresh air, by which the time will stand stil or even go back a few years. This year will be for you an injection of positive mobilization to  all things that are new and associated with high activity.

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