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Daily Angel Card Message for Taurus (14.10)

a) Generally:
The presence of the angels of the white flame will bring much happiness to your life. These angels radiate with dazzling brilliance, and this will provide you with the bliss of peace and harmony. The angels of the white flame free you from negative patterns, and help to clean your negative thoughts, opening you up to the beauty of the world. They remind you that you always have a choice in your life - you can follow a certain path, or turn back.

b) Love:
It is clear that the angels support you, because the card of Archangel Chamuel indicates success and fulfillment in love. This archangel opens your heart to accept this unconditional energy which will fill your whole heart. This means that a positive period in your romantic life is getting ready to begin. All problems and difficulties will slowly fade away, and you will discover the joy and fulfillment of a successful relationship.

c) Career and money:
The presence of the angels of the white flame means that you may have had some financial problems recently. The angels are a great help to you because they try to stop you from thinking negative thoughts. The angels of the white flame open up your mind, helping you find your way to wealth and eliminate any financial debts.

d) Health:
There may currently be some reasons for you to be dissatisfied with your health. The angels of light will emanate a radiant glow in your direction, helping you to lose the weight that you are carrying, as well as liberate you from fear and negative thoughts. Hope will emerge in you, allowing your health to improve.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 76%
Love: 59%
Money: 98%
Career: 70%
Ingenuity: 76%

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