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Daily Angel Card Message for Taurus (21.09)

a) Generally:
The name of this archangel means "he who sees God". He exudes an amazing pink color, and full, unconditional and endless love. His presence helps to open your heart up to the miraculous power of love which will fill your body and soul. He supports you in making important decisions in life. He also reminds you that in life you should follow the path of love, as this will lead you to happiness and fulfillment.

b) Love:
This card is the signal for single people to open up to getting to know more people. If you retreat into yourself, you reduce your chances of finding the right partner. In your life, there may appear new acquaintances who bring you closer to fulfilling your heart’s desires. People already in a relationship should work on reinforcing the relationship to help the two of you become even closer.

c) Career and money:
This card means that you may soon make a bad decision in finance – it could be an investment, bank loan or not applying for a bank loan. The angels of conversion signal to you that there is always a chance to get out of a difficult situation - you just have to listen to your inner voice, which never disappoints you. If you have some financial plans for the near future, think about them very carefully because the angels of conversion are warning you not to make any mistakes. Remember not to act rashly without a great deal of thought.

d) Health:
Your guardian angel is watching over your health, effectively repelling any threat which could impair your body or mind. He also takes the role of comforter, supporting you through any problems and gives you his hand. This card also means that you have to pay attention to your lifestyle and make sure that you do not neglect your body.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 50%
Love: 87%
Money: 93%
Career: 54%
Ingenuity: 91%

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