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Daily Angel Card Message for Pisces (21.02)

a) Generally:
A life of happiness, fulfillment and love is the dream for all of us. Often, however, there is something inside us which does not allow us to open ourselves up to a new beginning. The angel of healing will help you heal everything in your life - from minor problems to the overall state of your health and all your relationships. The angel of healing is glad to help you sort out and repair the unpleasant parts of life, leading you along a path full of lightness and fulfilment.

b) Love:
If you are single, the presence of Archangel Michael will fill you with courage to find new love. He prevents you from feeling fear that can stop you from getting to know a partner. For people already in a relationship, this archangel helps to open hearts towards better understanding between partners. He helps to prevent all conflicts and arguments, too.

c) Career and money:
The presence of this archangel signifies that you may soon have to make some important and responsible decisions. However, you do not have to be afraid of anything - Archangel Chamuel supports you and shows you the way to make the right decision. This card also means that you will soon experience a greater turnover of money, and you may begin conducting responsible ventures.

d) Health:
This card means that you can no longer mistreat your body. The angels of conversion are urging you to take greater care of your own health, to avoid illness and frequent visits to the doctor in the future. The presence of these angels may also mean that you have some vices that have a negative influence on your body and well-being. Remember that each of us has only one health, so take care of it!

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 67%
Love: 61%
Money: 91%
Career: 80%
Ingenuity: 86%

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