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Daily Angel Card Message for Gemini (15.12)

a) Generally:
In life, you constantly have to make choices, but you are not always sure what you are doing. The angels of the purple flame remind you that you have amazing intuition, through which you can instinctively make the right choice. This card means that a situation that will require you to make a responsible decision may appear in your life. You have to listen to your inner voice, and then you will find the answer.

b) Love:
Drawing the fighting angel means that you should not give up - especially at a time when happiness is near. Perhaps you lack self-confidence, which stops you from quickly attracting your dream partner. Remember that you have the right to happiness, so do not give up on your dreams and desires. For people in a relationship, the fighting angel means that your relationship is about to face some challenges.

c) Career and money:
The higher power of your angelic guide helps you to get rid of all financial and material liabilities which may be a burden to you right now. New ideas and a way out of financial problems may soon appear. Ask your angelic guide to show you how to get out of financial trouble, and you will certainly get the answer.

d) Health:
Your health may have been poor recently. Remember, however, that at any time, even the most difficult moment, you can count on help from the realm of angels. Ask for help from your guardians for you to live in health and happiness, and they will certainly not let you down.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 72%
Love: 59%
Money: 58%
Career: 71%
Ingenuity: 58%

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