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Daily Angel Card Message for Gemini (8.12)

a) Generally:
Certainly, during this period you cannot complain about bad luck, because the presence of the angel of happiness means that in all calamites and sudden and unexpected problems, the smile of good fortune will accompany you. If you start to think that a situation is hopeless - trust your angelic guide. The angel of happiness will introduce more fun and laughter into your life. Ask him for help and he will light up your life, leading you to happiness and positivity.

b) Love:
This card is the signal for single people to open up to getting to know more people. If you retreat into yourself, you reduce your chances of finding the right partner. In your life, there may appear new acquaintances who bring you closer to fulfilling your heart’s desires. People already in a relationship should work on reinforcing the relationship to help the two of you become even closer.

c) Career and money:
This presence of this angel clearly signifies that the last financial period was not the best for you. However, you can be sure that the worst is behind you. The angel of comfort gives you encouragement and support, opening your mind to solutions that will help you out of all financial problems. He also helps you to develop your business, as well as make responsible business decisions.

d) Health:
Your health may have been poor recently. Remember, however, that at any time, even the most difficult moment, you can count on help from the realm of angels. Ask for help from your guardians for you to live in health and happiness, and they will certainly not let you down.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 79%
Love: 96%
Money: 62%
Career: 71%
Ingenuity: 77%

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