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Daily Angel Card Message for Gemini (1.10)

a) Generally:
His name in Hebrew means "Who is like God?" Archangel Michael is a warrior of the light who fights against negativity and evil. He is the vanquisher of Satan and the protector of police officers, soldiers and small children too. The presence of this archangel will assist you in the fight against the forces of evil and he will help you to find your way to the light that is inside you. Archangel Michael will also help you to find happiness and joy in your life, shielding you from all negativity, fear and anxiety.

b) Love:
Something must be beginning to happen in your love life, because the presence of Archangel Gabriel heralds a new beginning. It might be getting to know a new love, or finding beauty in your current relationship. Archangel Gabriel tries to give you valuable information that will open your heart to a great feeling.

c) Career and money:
The presence of the angels of the golden flame suggests that it is time for you to make some wise decisions regarding your finances. It is time to take an important and courageous step. This may be to take out a large loan, make a good investment, or change your job. Whatever it is, your decision will be the right one as long as you listen to your inner voice.

d) Health:
If you have recently experienced some health problems, you have to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. This card signals that the negative thoughts that are unnecessarily polluting your life are dominating over you. Open your heart to love, as this is an energy that can cure every illness. Remember that a pure heart is very important for maintaining vitality and good health for your entire life.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 94%
Love: 84%
Money: 82%
Career: 85%
Ingenuity: 100%

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