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Career Horoscope: Aquarius

Career horoscope for AquariusWorking life is very important for Aquariuses. Practically all the time they have an unceasing work. Aquariuses belong to very creative persons, by which they are able repeatedly to surprise with own ideas in the business. Easily can establish contact with people, along with long and positive relations between customers. They like actively to spend time, therefore often combine their success with sport. Sometimes their stubborn-ness can adversely affect people from surroundings – particularly if Aquarius is on a position of the boss. They have also high predispositions to become an artist, due to their high artistic work and creativity. With regard to highly valued freedom by them, quite often decide on a profession that guarantees this freedom and independence in what they do. Sometimes they work on a single positions, even though sometimes straight out are very fond of a company of people. For them the character of performed work is most important, therefore can choose the work for smaller earnings, in which will do what they like.

PROFESSION: artist, athlete, journalist, politician, salesman, entrepreneur, economist, adviser, designer.

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