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Tarot Card: The Tower

In general, this card refers to rapid changes in life which affect everyone differently. Sometimes, after the changes have taken place, it may be possible to see the positive significance of the changes.

- a quick end of certain matters
- a sudden event
- temporary difficulties which can be overcome
- a change of outlook
- freedom
- a turning point
- inspiration
- a change in opinion

- the end of a particular stage in love (not necessarily something bad)
- temporary problems and difficulties in a relationship which can be considered as a test for partners
- misunderstandings with the partner and a distinct difference of opinion

Finance and work:
- the end of a particular stage at work or in finance
- a sense of loss
- sudden changes
- an overly strong attachment to work or material goods

Description of the person:
- determined
- energetic
- brutal
- decisive
- a risk-taker

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