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Tarot Card: The Moon

In general, the Moon signifies being in a world of illusion and dreams. Sometimes it is an indication of changing emotions and strong sensitivity. It also signifies looking at some things and matters in a completely different way. Sometimes it symbolizes secrets and even the magical dimension of life.

- idealism
- detachment from reality
- head in the clouds
- intuition
- living in a dream world
- visions
- creativity and artistic work
- getting to know oneself
- confusion
- anxiety
- unknown beginning

- fear of entering into a relationship
- unnecessary jealousy
- living in a dream world
- the expectation of love, combined with lack of action

Finance and work:
- irresponsible performance of duties
- naivety at work or in finance
- pointless action in business
- fear of taking important steps at work or in finance

Description of the person:
- secretive
- lost in dreams
- planning for the future
- sensitive
- emotional
- anxious

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