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Tarot Card: The Lovers

The Lovers signify a close relationship and success in the realm of feelings. This could be about a friendship between two people, or intense love. Often, however, this card means that there is a situation requiring a choice to be made. This card also signifies desire for approval, mutual understanding and improving social contacts.

- new love
- strong emotions
- prosperity in the realm of feelings
- uncertainty and dilemma
- taking responsibility for life
- communication
- being driven by the heart
- devotion
- cooperation
- being in a situation requiring choice

- strong and sometimes unexpected feelings
- the chance to meet a partner
- great success in love
- romance
- strong friendship
- marriage
- dilemmas regarding emotions
- fertility and richness in a relationship
- taking responsibility for emotions

Finance and work:
- commitment and even sacrifice at work
- enjoying work
- good relations with other workers
- being in a situation requiring choice
- help from another person with financial difficulties

Description of the person:
- loving
- faithful
- sensitive
- emotional
- charming

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