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Tarot Card: The High Priestess

The High Priestess is often associated with a feeling of love for another person. She also indicates great intuition, the inner voice and revealing unknown secrets. She can also be a sign of discovering hidden talents and abilities.

- development of the inner self
- protectiveness
- knowledge and wisdom
- sensitivity
- intuition
- understanding
- platonic love
- the pursuit of knowledge
- attention to detail
- emotional experiences
- understanding
- a high level of spiritual development
- inner knowledge
- stability in life
- mystery

- a strong feeling of love
- the appearance of a partner
- personal charm
- the perfect characteristics of a partner

Finance and work:
- accomplishment of plans at work
- high ambitions and knowledge in a position
- promotion or praise at work

Description of the person:
- mature
- sensitive and emotional
- has a strong intuition
- gentle
- has practical and spiritual wisdom
- shy
- secretive
- protective

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