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Tarot Card: The Hierophant

The Hierophant symbolizes a very strong personality that exerts a strong influence on others. This card can refer to a person with a high position in society. It may signal the need for contact with such a person, or may represent oneself. The Hierophant is a sign of knowledge, wisdom and experience.

- success in life (sometimes struggling before finding happiness)
- great authority, domination over others
- wisdom and knowledge
- support
- moral rules
- leadership
- austerity
- ingenuity
- forgiveness and acceptance
- idealism
- optimism
- religious or spiritual growth
- a journey

- a stable relationship, and even marriage
- a partner with true beauty on the inside
- important decisions in a relationship
- gaining new experiences in love

Finance and work:
- wise decisions at work and in business
- participation in courses and training
- advising others
- study

Description of the person:
- wise
- tolerant
- understanding
- moral
- fair
- noble
- generous

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