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Tarot Card: The Fool

The Fool often means a new beginning or a change in life – it is likely that something new will happen. Sometimes the fool signifies a situation which is causing a dilemma.

- new challenges and possibilities
- openness to the world
- a carefree and easy life
- taking chances in life
- beginning an interesting adventure in life
- new developments
- recklessness
- limitless possibilities
- stupidity and naivety
- uncertainty and dilemma
- youth
- acting on impulse
- a positive attitude and optimism
- sometimes the transition from one stage to another

- love at first sight
- quickly forming a relationship
- sometimes an immature relationship or meeting an emotionally immature person

Finance and work:
- success in business
- easy money
- sometimes irresponsible financial management
- crazy ideas in business

Description of the person:
- reckless
- enthusiastic
- optimistic
- has a sense of humor
- likes taking risks

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