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Tarot Card: The Devil

In general, this card symbolizes the negative qualities of people. It can be an indication of personal weaknesses, for example a strong attachment to material goods, leading a destructive lifestyle, or disrespecting other people. Drawing this card often means that one should give some thought to one’s current life, try to change for the better and work on trying to change negative character traits.

- mistreatment of others
- temptations
- dominance of the "ego"
- irresponsibility
- relentless pursuit of wealth
- selfishness
- lack of faith

- passionate and wild relationship
- dependence on the partner
- high importance of physical desires

Finance and work:
- strong attachment to material goods
- dishonest practices
- abusing one’s position at work
- mistreatment of people at work

Description of the person:
- uninhibited
- wild
- highly influential
- bossy
- perverted
- passionate
- energetic

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