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Tarot Card: The Chariot

The Chariot indicates striving to reach goals. Sometimes this card is a symbol of taking responsibility for actions. Sometimes it means that there is a situation which requires choices to be made. The Chariot also emphasizes that some kind of action needs to be taken to revive certain things.

- a strong desire to achieve goals
- a new phase in life
- success
- persistence in life
- intensive work
- dynamic and rapid changes
- creating new contacts
- optimism
- new challenges
- a willingness to succeed
- faith in ability
- a run of good luck
- energy and enthusiasm for action

- the chance to meet a partner
- overcoming weaknesses and feeling self-confident
- commitment to the pursuit of a dream love
- sometimes the breakdown of a relationship
- new adventures

Finance and work:
- financial and professional success
- creating goals at work and in business
- entrepreneurship
- new challenges at work
- intensive work
- sometimes the prospect of promotion

Description of the person:
- energetic
- fast
- indecisive
- determined
- brave
- active

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