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Tarot Card: Strength

Strength is about defeating all problems and difficulties encountered in life. It can indicate a return to a happy life and good health. Sometimes it may mean that it is important to become more actively engaged in order to achieve a goal.

- power and strength
- a surge of energy
- fighting against adversity
- common sense and self-control
- taking up new challenges
- commitment to work
- courageous decisions in business
- creativity
- luck in love
- confidence
- physical activity

- happiness and finding fulfilment in love, if personal weaknesses are overcome
- commitment to building a strong, happy and mature relationship
- the desire to have children

Finance and work:
- triumph over obstacles at work and in finance
- working with passion
- making courageous financial decisions
- influencing others at work
- commitment to work

Description of the person:
- strong
- brave
- composed
- warrior-like
- mature
- forceful
- passionate
- persevering

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