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Tarot Card: Judgment

In general, the Judgement tarot card signifies that one is facing something important, perhaps even a crucial moment in life. It means a new beginning, freedom from a problem, as well as taking responsibility for current matters. It also signifies the transformation of one’s inner being and a change in current views.

- changes and news in life
- freedom
- evaluating one's situation in life
- reflection
- revival
- joy, fulfilment
- the beginning of something new
- the end of a particular stage
- finding out the truth
- maturing
- recognition
- overcoming a problem

- freedom from problems in love
- meeting a valuable partner
- a successful family life
- reuniting with a former partner
- forgiving toxic relationships from the past

Finance and work:
- overcoming problems at work and in finance
- a new source of income
- new perspectives in business
- finding a better job
- recognition for effort at work

Description of the person:
- good
- helpful
- protective
- understanding
- empathetic
- supportive

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