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Tarot Card: Death

The Death tarot card can arouse fear and anxiety, but sometimes this card indicates good news. The general meaning of this card is the end of an unpleasant situation. It can mean the start of a new and interesting stage in life and the end of matters. Sometimes it can mean some kind of inner transformation.

- revival
- something is ending and a new beginning is starting
- an important stage in life
- breaking away from problems of the past
- openness to change
- loss
- completion
- transformation
- walking away

- changes in the field of love
- breaking away from unpleasant events from the past, and at the same time opening up to new love
- the chance for a new relationship

Finance and work:
- a new phase at work
- completion of work, cooperation with somebody or a project
- breaking away from financial difficulties and problems at work
- retirement

Description of the person:
- responsible
- self-confident
- protective
- helpful
- brutal
- open
- eloquent
- sad

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