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Horoscope Virgo

While in 2015 you made, dear Virgo, several plans, this year will bring, however, many changes during their implementation. Any beneficial changes appear at the beginning of the summer season, until the middle of winter and the end of 2016. Jobs, wages, education, courses and trainings, it is all possible for Virgos  from the first and second decade of the sign. Virgos of the third decade will get a great chance for a successful marriage, a new relationship and a larger family.The stars will be this year fovourable for trips for business, even  for large contracts in good companies. You will have a chance to buy a new car or a new home or apartment.

Love and affection - this year will be for you, dear Virgo, a back to the old days, memories. If you do not remain in a relationship, there may be an opportunity to return to a former partner who will contact you in early spring. Cupid with turn his bow also towards the Virgois from the third decade of the sign. In stable relationships - closer ties, finding in each other the old feelings and passions anew.

Job and career - at work - vertigo, the boss imposes on you a lot of responsibilities, this may be caused by a replacement for absent colleagues. Do not get used, and if it is, rebuke for additional days off or better remuneration for overtime.Virgos of the second decade of the sign can expect an increase or a better bonus for their work, including promotion or even taking up managerial positions. You will surprise your boss this yearwith very good  results of your work.

Health – you will not complain for your health, dear Virgos. Maybe some small seasonal cols with a runny nose in the background, but even so,  you will not yield to worse well-being.Try for relaxing in early spring, avoid fatty foods, or heavy products, difficut to digest. This year you will tend to alter your eating habits.Maybe some extra sports activities, except for work and relaxation, something associated with considerable physical effort.

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