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Horoscope Taurus

This year will bring satisfaction not only in the financial sphere, but also in the field of family, the relationships, as well as many years of friendship. The preferred time for all interests and departures in financial matters is definitely the end of spring and beginning of summer season. 2016 supports all training trips, learning a new language, taking a new job.In families and relationships with many years of commom experience, joint plans for the future. The new venture, making new decisions, favorable property cases. Partner will show much understanding and support. Singles will meet someone interesting or it is yiu who will be notoiced by someone else, someone will not pass  you with indifference, and this may result in a very nice relationship.

Feelings and love - dear Taurus, this year you are making important decisions about your relationship. If you're meeting someone for some time and intend to ask for her hand or opt for a "yes", there will be an opportunity to do it in spring. Venus has prepared for you big dose of love elation from spring through to late autumn. Singles do not miss a shot of love ... in the summer should get ready for the unexpected feeling that will drop on them like a bolt from the sky.
In stable relationships, some pleasant moments in everyday life. Partner will be tender and loving, and you will express you tender feeling towards him/her.
Career and money - New opportunities of earning will show up early winter of this year. Possible departure for bread somewhere far away in the country or even beyond its borders. This year you can expect favorable contracts in the workplace, also profitable contracts on a larger scale. If you are going to learn a new language, it's a good time for 2016, for new beginnings in education.

Health - Beginning of the year can include light flu-like symptoms. Remember the hot infusions with honey and ginger, which bet on the feet of even those who feel really low. Health will be fine this year from spring until the end of the year. If you like sports, set on opportunities associated with the movement in the fresh air, the proposals associated with it, can give you a lot of joy and better shape. Enjoy every time with good weather, avoid depression and melancholy.

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