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Horoscope 2016 » Capricorn

Horoscope Capricorn

The year 2016 would be favorable to change career. In financial terms, it will begin to be much more preferably than last year. Bet on the bold decisions - to start a new professional courses, training, dare to open own business. All indications are that this year the boldest plans may succeed, and the decisions you make will bear fruit for subsequent years.
In love, you may expect a new, refreshing relationship, passionate moments in stable relationships. You will be the center of attention, ao do not remain constantly within four walls, and certainly you will manage to meet someone special.

Feelings and love - dear Capricorn, the year 2016 will be very graciou for you s, you will flourish fully in the eyes of a loved one. Among many lonely people, it is destined to meet the other half. Your feelings will be overwhelmed by Venus. Its positive effect will bring many opportunities for new relations, but also closer ties in stable partnerships. It is possible that many of you will receive a ring during the spring.

Career and money - if you are considering changing jobs, hold off until the summer of 2016. Possible beneficial change and a big plus in terms of profit. Big chances for success are now for those born in the third decade of the sign, because it may turn out that the decision taken last year, for example, the opening of business on their own account, can be very profitable and beneficial.

Health - health for you, Capricorn is now much better. You can see a large dose of energy that comes along with the first snow. You gain strong resistance from the very first days of the new year. If, however, you are dealing with a health problem in the spring you will feel completely that you are as good as new.  For you, Capricorn, star in this year provide an opportunity for new beginnings of lifestyle changes by 180 degrees, a change for the better, both in terms of health and well-being.

It is also possible that you will make far, foreign business trips, and thanks to them, broaden your horizons, but not only- this year you will definitely gain in the sight of your boss, possible promotions and an additional cash injection.Unsolved cases from last year, move to the spring-summer period. During this time, you will gain favor with the stars, to a positive solving of outstanding, important issues.
Tarot advises not to give up and not to resign in anything that you plan. Benefits will be brought by the first half of the summer and autumn of 2016.

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