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Daily Angel Card Message for Virgo (28.05)

a) Generally:
The angel of passing reminds you that time always flows forward, so you should not live in the past. He helps you to understand that now is a good time to start a new and better life, and that you should distance yourself from what has happened in the past. Do not look at past failures; leave behind all your disappointments and treat them as lessons which have given you valuable experience as well as courage and wisdom. Start a new life now!

b) Love:
The presence of the angels of the golden flame means that a significant moment stands before you in your love life. It might be time to make an important decision which may affect your romantic life in the future. For single people who are feeling lonely, the angels of the golden flame will provide you with support. They will light your way, leading you to your dream love.

c) Career and money:
Most clearly, the presence of the angel of spiritual development shows that every financial difficulty has proven to be a valuable lesson for you, from which you have gained knowledge and experience for the future. Certainly, after the difficulties you have had, you will act with greater responsibility and prudence. This card means that you may soon be interested in further education and improving your qualifications.

d) Health:
If your physical condition has recently not been good, the presence of Archangel Gabriel means that some changes are coming in your life. It may be that you start to care more about your health, changing your diet for the better, becoming more physically active. Archangel Gabriel provides you with the wisdom to make the right choices and helps you to take good care of your own body.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 92%
Love: 66%
Money: 96%
Career: 94%
Ingenuity: 58%

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