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Daily Angel Card Message for Virgo (1.10)

a) Generally:
The presence of the angels of the golden flame means that now is a good time to turn towards the development of your inner being. Listen to the voice of your intuition – it is trying to show you the way to go. The angels of the golden flame will gladly help you through all difficulties, opening you up to a better perspective on tomorrow. They remind you that true wisdom and knowledge comes from inside you. They also try to help you by giving you signs from your surroundings.

b) Love:
If you are single, remember that time has allowed you to gain valuable experience which will help you to enter into a successful and meaningful relationship in the future. Look at all the difficulties and failures that you have had from the other side - they may have been a valuable lesson from which you learned a lot. For people in a relationship, the presence of the angel of spiritual development means important decisions for you and your partner may soon need to be made.

c) Career and money:
In terms of your financial situation, Archangel Metatron’s presence means that wise and responsible decisions are required. Archangel Metatron helps you to obtain the knowledge and wisdom which will not only help you to get out of any financial difficulty, but will also enable you to find new sources of income and even start a profitable venture. Remember, you should think carefully before spending any amount of money, because saved money can be useful.

d) Health:
If some health complaints are nagging at you, it is not worth trying to treat them at the moment. The presence of the fighting angel means that you are already starting to get better. The angel opens up new possibilities and allows you to access some hidden reserves of vitality. You still have the power that will allow you to cure yourself of every health problem. The most important message of the angel in terms of problems with health is "Do not give up!"

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 100%
Love: 86%
Money: 53%
Career: 100%
Ingenuity: 88%

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