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Daily Angel Card Message for Virgo (31.03)

a) Generally:
The angel of passing reminds you that time always flows forward, so you should not live in the past. He helps you to understand that now is a good time to start a new and better life, and that you should distance yourself from what has happened in the past. Do not look at past failures; leave behind all your disappointments and treat them as lessons which have given you valuable experience as well as courage and wisdom. Start a new life now!

b) Love:
The angels of the white flame help you to see the beauty in your current relationship with your partner. They open you up to completely new experiences that will bring you delight and happiness. If you are single, the angels of the white flame provide you with encouragement and support, freeing you from negative thoughts, while helping to open you up to meeting the perfect partner. They also remind you that if you do not get rid of negative thoughts, you will not be able to take any important steps forward.

c) Career and money:
The angel of love heralds a new beginning in the financial sphere. This may be a new, interesting business or a job in which you will perform well, giving you great financial stability. You also do not have to worry about any financial commitments you have - everything is going in the right direction to help you to be free from all problematic loans and costs. This angel also means that a person who opens up the road to wealth and financial success will appear in your life.

d) Health:
Your health may have been poor recently. Remember, however, that at any time, even the most difficult moment, you can count on help from the realm of angels. Ask for help from your guardians for you to live in health and happiness, and they will certainly not let you down.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 99%
Love: 99%
Money: 92%
Career: 59%
Ingenuity: 73%

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