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Daily Angel Card Message for Scorpio (30.05)

a) Generally:
The presence of the angel of power means that there may be some difficulties in your life which weaken you. This angel reminds you that a huge power, which will let you overcome all problems and difficulties in life, exists - in you. It supports you and stops you from giving up. You have great strength that will help you get through anything - you just have to believe in yourself and trust God's power, as his power, and the power of his angels, guides you through life.

b) Love:
People in a relationship may soon hit a strong point in their life together. There will also soon be a moment when the truth is revealed, and your partner will show how they really feel about you. If you are single, everything is currently going in the right direction for you to meet the right partner in the future. Your angelic guide will provide you with a unique meeting between you and the person you are supposed to be with for the rest of your life.

c) Career and money:
Archangel Raphael helps you to eliminate unpleasant financial and material liabilities. He may also trigger the start of a very pleasant period for investors, because he helps with making good investments. He also stops you from thinking negatively about money, and prevents you from irrepressibly pursuing wealth – something which could badly affect your life.

d) Health:
All your health problems are slowly beginning to fade away. The angel of healing helps you to heal not only your body but also your soul, opening you up to a new and better beginning. Therefore, do not be afraid about your health - try to think positively and do not underestimate the signs you receive from your surroundings. Perhaps someone will soon appear who will be happy to help you.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 72%
Love: 56%
Money: 98%
Career: 94%
Ingenuity: 76%

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