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Daily Angel Card Message for Scorpio (22.02)

a) Generally:
The card of the angel of love is one of the most positive cards that you could draw. This angel opens your heart to unconditional love which will completely change your life. Love is the strongest power that exists, so if you open yourself up to this wonderful power, miracles can happen. The angel of love not only helps you to open your heart, but he also guides you to true happiness and fulfillment in life. He helps you to overcome every fear, failure and disappointment. An open heart connects you with God and allows you to completely change your life for the better.

b) Love:
People in a relationship could have quite a difficult period ahead of them, but the presence of your guardian angel will help your relationship maintain stability and increase the sense of security between you and your partner. Single people have the chance to overcome their powerlessness and break free from fear and shyness, because your guardian angel will give you support and encouragement to help you take action.

c) Career and money:
The presence of the angel of healing also means that your financial problems are slowly starting to become a thing of the past, and you will soon start to feel real wealth and prosperity. This could be a new venture, an interesting job, or a sudden influx of money. You can therefore expect to soon have real material success.

d) Health:
If you have health problems, the presence of the angels of the white flame means that you need to pay attention to the state of your thoughts. The angels flame try to shield you from stress, fear and anxiety of various diseases, to help you maintain full health and find the beauty of life.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 70%
Love: 75%
Money: 74%
Career: 62%
Ingenuity: 90%

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