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Daily Angel Card Message for Scorpio (28.05)

a) Generally:
The name of this Archangel means "God is my light". He is often identified as an angelic figure with a fiery sword in his hand which leads people to enlightenment. He brings salvation and helps you to find your way towards the light, opening you up to the beautiful, divine power. He also helps to open you up to knowledge, beauty and prosperity, and helps you to understand and find solutions for different problems. He also reminds you that each of us has creative power, so we are the creators of our own lives.

b) Love:
Something must be beginning to happen in your love life, because the presence of Archangel Gabriel heralds a new beginning. It might be getting to know a new love, or finding beauty in your current relationship. Archangel Gabriel tries to give you valuable information that will open your heart to a great feeling.

c) Career and money:
Recent times may not have been the best for you in terms of work or finance, as this card signifies that financial struggles and difficulties took place recently or are taking place now. These difficulties may have had something to do with rivalry or competition. The fighting angel is trying to tell you not to give up and that now is the time to show your hidden strength. If you are dreaming of a good job and a life full of riches, you should start boldly reaching for your dreams.

d) Health:
The angel of happiness is telling you that you must begin to respect your body and treat it as the temple of your soul. This angel’s presence does not mean that health problems await you - quite the contrary. Although some problems may appear, divine intervention will occur, which will help you to get better quickly. Good fortune is really smiling on you.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 53%
Love: 90%
Money: 61%
Career: 89%
Ingenuity: 81%

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