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Daily Angel Card Message for Sagittarius (18.06)

a) Generally:
The presence of this angel means that the time has come to reflect on the purpose of your life. Is the pursuit of material possessions really so important? The most valuable possession is knowledge, which exceeds the value of money. By expanding your knowledge, you are acquiring valuable experience which can help you make difficult choices. The angel of spiritual development is also trying to tell you that certain concealed powers, abilities and talents that you have never even dreamed of are slowly waking up inside you.

b) Love:
The presence of the angel of beauty most clearly means that you will soon discover the beauty of your relationship with your partner. This could be through an interesting or very romantic moment, and this will allow you to revive your love. Single people will receive support and understanding from the angel of beauty, and the angel will lead you towards finding fulfillment in love.

c) Career and money:
Archangel Raphael helps you to eliminate unpleasant financial and material liabilities. He may also trigger the start of a very pleasant period for investors, because he helps with making good investments. He also stops you from thinking negatively about money, and prevents you from irrepressibly pursuing wealth – something which could badly affect your life.

d) Health:
If you have recently experienced some health problems, you have to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions. This card signals that the negative thoughts that are unnecessarily polluting your life are dominating over you. Open your heart to love, as this is an energy that can cure every illness. Remember that a pure heart is very important for maintaining vitality and good health for your entire life.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 84%
Love: 98%
Money: 86%
Career: 64%
Ingenuity: 76%

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