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Daily Angel Card Message for Sagittarius (14.07)

a) Generally:
In life, we are on the move all the time. We have so many things to do all the time, and this can cause us to forget about the important things. The presence of the angels of conversion means that you have to stop for a moment and reflect on your current life. Take a break from all your bad habits and your pursuit of a career and material goods. Try to calm down and relax. Appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you. Try to spend more time with family and friends. Take some time to think about whether you treat the people around you well. The angels of conversion help you get back on the right path in life, if you feel that you have strayed from that path.

b) Love:
The presence of the angel of beauty most clearly means that you will soon discover the beauty of your relationship with your partner. This could be through an interesting or very romantic moment, and this will allow you to revive your love. Single people will receive support and understanding from the angel of beauty, and the angel will lead you towards finding fulfillment in love.

c) Career and money:
Recent times may not have been the best for you in terms of work or finance, as this card signifies that financial struggles and difficulties took place recently or are taking place now. These difficulties may have had something to do with rivalry or competition. The fighting angel is trying to tell you not to give up and that now is the time to show your hidden strength. If you are dreaming of a good job and a life full of riches, you should start boldly reaching for your dreams.

d) Health:
The angels of fear show that you currently have a lot of fear in your life, causing you to see the world in dark colors. Even if you have some health problems, remember that negative thinking can only harm, so do not let fear dominate you. Turn to Archangels Michael and Raphael, and you will certainly receive help and support!

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 77%
Love: 94%
Money: 98%
Career: 65%
Ingenuity: 99%

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