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Daily Angel Card Message for Sagittarius (1.10)

a) Generally:
The presence of the angel of power means that there may be some difficulties in your life which weaken you. This angel reminds you that a huge power, which will let you overcome all problems and difficulties in life, exists - in you. It supports you and stops you from giving up. You have great strength that will help you get through anything - you just have to believe in yourself and trust God's power, as his power, and the power of his angels, guides you through life.

b) Love:
Drawing the fighting angel means that you should not give up - especially at a time when happiness is near. Perhaps you lack self-confidence, which stops you from quickly attracting your dream partner. Remember that you have the right to happiness, so do not give up on your dreams and desires. For people in a relationship, the fighting angel means that your relationship is about to face some challenges.

c) Career and money:
Seeing the world in dark colors is not working for you. The angel of beauty is here to remind you that even with some financial problems and difficulties, you do not have to see everything in dark colors. Try to see the positive side of your current financial situation. Perhaps you will gain valuable experience and learn a lesson which will strengthen you in the future.

d) Health:
The presence of this angel means that you are about to start taking better care of your health. You will soon become aware that it is time to change bad habits which have a negative effect on your body. It may also be a good time to look into alternative medicine and show a greater commitment to meditation and spiritual development.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 74%
Love: 62%
Money: 66%
Career: 69%
Ingenuity: 51%

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