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Daily Angel Card Message for Sagittarius (15.12)

a) Generally:
Each of us has his own personal guardian angel who watches over us from our birth until the end of our life. This card means that your angel wants you to know that he is always with you and will be happy to assist you if you ask him. It also means that there is no reason to feel worried - with the help of your guardian angel you will face up to every challenge. His protection is like a shield that blocks all danger from you, leading you to happiness and joy.

b) Love:
Archangel Raphael shows you the way to fulfillment in love. He helps you to heal and fix problems in your relationships with people. He reminds you that love is like health, so you have to make sure that this feeling never dies in you. Single people have to think about whether or not they treat people with respect and care.

c) Career and money:
Recent times may not have been the best for you in terms of work or finance, as this card signifies that financial struggles and difficulties took place recently or are taking place now. These difficulties may have had something to do with rivalry or competition. The fighting angel is trying to tell you not to give up and that now is the time to show your hidden strength. If you are dreaming of a good job and a life full of riches, you should start boldly reaching for your dreams.

d) Health:
The angel of passing is trying to tell you that now is a good time to begin your life anew. Break away from the problems of the past and open yourself up to a new beginning. Now is also a good time to take some important steps forward for your health. If you suffer from debilitating addictions, break away from them. The angel of passing helps you to start a new life, full of health and happiness.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 61%
Love: 72%
Money: 88%
Career: 84%
Ingenuity: 51%

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