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Daily Angel Card Message for Libra (28.05)

a) Generally:
It is time to open up to more people, because through them will work a wonderful, angelic force. Perhaps someone will soon appear in your life to give you a helping hand. Now is not a good time to become withdrawn - open up to new people and try to revitalize existing relationships with others. Remember that your negative emotions may adversely influence other people, so get rid of the feelings that are weighing you down and try to live in joy and happiness. This is also a good time to make new acquaintances! It may also be that you will be the angel who raises someone's spirits. Make sure you treat everyone well.

b) Love:
The angel of transformation signals that it is time to change something in yourself. It is possible that your attitude towards others is very negative, and this is causing you to be unlucky in love. Cheer up and start to radiate happiness and love - everything depends on you. Another meaning of this card is that that an important change in love is quickly getting closer to you. This may be the end of a certain stage, which will bring you a new beginning.

c) Career and money:
Seeing the world in dark colors is not working for you. The angel of beauty is here to remind you that even with some financial problems and difficulties, you do not have to see everything in dark colors. Try to see the positive side of your current financial situation. Perhaps you will gain valuable experience and learn a lesson which will strengthen you in the future.

d) Health:
All your health problems are slowly beginning to fade away. The angel of healing helps you to heal not only your body but also your soul, opening you up to a new and better beginning. Therefore, do not be afraid about your health - try to think positively and do not underestimate the signs you receive from your surroundings. Perhaps someone will soon appear who will be happy to help you.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 51%
Love: 82%
Money: 65%
Career: 87%
Ingenuity: 73%

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