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Daily Angel Card Message for Libra (1.10)

a) Generally:
The presence of this angel means that the time has come to reflect on the purpose of your life. Is the pursuit of material possessions really so important? The most valuable possession is knowledge, which exceeds the value of money. By expanding your knowledge, you are acquiring valuable experience which can help you make difficult choices. The angel of spiritual development is also trying to tell you that certain concealed powers, abilities and talents that you have never even dreamed of are slowly waking up inside you.

b) Love:
People in a relationship may soon hit a strong point in their life together. There will also soon be a moment when the truth is revealed, and your partner will show how they really feel about you. If you are single, everything is currently going in the right direction for you to meet the right partner in the future. Your angelic guide will provide you with a unique meeting between you and the person you are supposed to be with for the rest of your life.

c) Career and money:
The angel of power may also mean that there will be a period of ups and downs in your financial situation. However, you do not have to worry that your financial obligations will continue to cause you problems. The presence of this angel will give you courage to help you overcome any difficulties associated with loans, real estate, or other material commitments. This angel also helps you to spread your wings in business, opening you up to the chance of great financial wealth, and he supports you in conducting risky ventures.

d) Health:
The angels of fear show that you currently have a lot of fear in your life, causing you to see the world in dark colors. Even if you have some health problems, remember that negative thinking can only harm, so do not let fear dominate you. Turn to Archangels Michael and Raphael, and you will certainly receive help and support!

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 57%
Love: 64%
Money: 54%
Career: 97%
Ingenuity: 75%

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