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Daily Angel Card Message for Leo (8.12)

a) Generally:
His name in Hebrew means "Who is like God?" Archangel Michael is a warrior of the light who fights against negativity and evil. He is the vanquisher of Satan and the protector of police officers, soldiers and small children too. The presence of this archangel will assist you in the fight against the forces of evil and he will help you to find your way to the light that is inside you. Archangel Michael will also help you to find happiness and joy in your life, shielding you from all negativity, fear and anxiety.

b) Love:
This card is the signal for single people to open up to getting to know more people. If you retreat into yourself, you reduce your chances of finding the right partner. In your life, there may appear new acquaintances who bring you closer to fulfilling your heart’s desires. People already in a relationship should work on reinforcing the relationship to help the two of you become even closer.

c) Career and money:
The presence of the angels of the white flame means that you may have had some financial problems recently. The angels are a great help to you because they try to stop you from thinking negative thoughts. The angels of the white flame open up your mind, helping you find your way to wealth and eliminate any financial debts.

d) Health:
For people who are ill, drawing this card means that health problems may be due to difficult situations and negative emotions which have accumulated in you. If you try to free yourself from these harmful thoughts, a perceptible change will soon take place. If you are healthy, drawing the angel of transformation means that you should start doing more physical activity as this can have a positive influence on your health and well-being.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 51%
Love: 62%
Money: 91%
Career: 58%
Ingenuity: 100%

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