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Daily Angel Card Message for Leo (14.07)

a) Generally:
Certainly, during this period you cannot complain about bad luck, because the presence of the angel of happiness means that in all calamites and sudden and unexpected problems, the smile of good fortune will accompany you. If you start to think that a situation is hopeless - trust your angelic guide. The angel of happiness will introduce more fun and laughter into your life. Ask him for help and he will light up your life, leading you to happiness and positivity.

b) Love:
The angel of transformation signals that it is time to change something in yourself. It is possible that your attitude towards others is very negative, and this is causing you to be unlucky in love. Cheer up and start to radiate happiness and love - everything depends on you. Another meaning of this card is that that an important change in love is quickly getting closer to you. This may be the end of a certain stage, which will bring you a new beginning.

c) Career and money:
In the past, you may have gotten tangled up in some financial obligations, or a generally unfavorable financial situation. The presence of the angel of happiness means that all financial difficulties will improve, and fortune will show you the way out of any problem. The presence of this angel also means that there may soon be a chance for success in business, the possibility of quickly paying off a loan, or even the opportunity to obtain a very quick influx of money.

d) Health:
You may have recently been leading a life which is adversely affecting your body or soul. Archangel Metatron helps open you up to the knowledge you need to start paying more attention to your health and to change your lifestyle for the benefit of your body and soul.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 67%
Love: 55%
Money: 90%
Career: 78%
Ingenuity: 86%

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