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Daily Angel Card Message for Capricorn (4.03)

a) Generally:
The angel of passing reminds you that time always flows forward, so you should not live in the past. He helps you to understand that now is a good time to start a new and better life, and that you should distance yourself from what has happened in the past. Do not look at past failures; leave behind all your disappointments and treat them as lessons which have given you valuable experience as well as courage and wisdom. Start a new life now!

b) Love:
Something must be beginning to happen in your love life, because the presence of Archangel Gabriel heralds a new beginning. It might be getting to know a new love, or finding beauty in your current relationship. Archangel Gabriel tries to give you valuable information that will open your heart to a great feeling.

c) Career and money:
Archangel Raphael helps you to eliminate unpleasant financial and material liabilities. He may also trigger the start of a very pleasant period for investors, because he helps with making good investments. He also stops you from thinking negatively about money, and prevents you from irrepressibly pursuing wealth – something which could badly affect your life.

d) Health:
If some health complaints are nagging at you, it is not worth trying to treat them at the moment. The presence of the fighting angel means that you are already starting to get better. The angel opens up new possibilities and allows you to access some hidden reserves of vitality. You still have the power that will allow you to cure yourself of every health problem. The most important message of the angel in terms of problems with health is "Do not give up!"

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 73%
Love: 50%
Money: 85%
Career: 99%
Ingenuity: 92%

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