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Daily Angel Card Message for Capricorn (15.12)

a) Generally:
In life, we are on the move all the time. We have so many things to do all the time, and this can cause us to forget about the important things. The presence of the angels of conversion means that you have to stop for a moment and reflect on your current life. Take a break from all your bad habits and your pursuit of a career and material goods. Try to calm down and relax. Appreciate the natural beauty surrounding you. Try to spend more time with family and friends. Take some time to think about whether you treat the people around you well. The angels of conversion help you get back on the right path in life, if you feel that you have strayed from that path.

b) Love:
In your life, there is too much anxiety and fear for you to be able to open up to true love. The angels of fear mean that sometimes you think too much about just work. Single people must overcome their inner weaknesses if they want to find their true love. You lack determination and confidence, but if you overcome this, you can definitely find the person you are looking for. People already in a relationship should pay attention to their behavior towards their partner.

c) Career and money:
This presence of this angel clearly signifies that the last financial period was not the best for you. However, you can be sure that the worst is behind you. The angel of comfort gives you encouragement and support, opening your mind to solutions that will help you out of all financial problems. He also helps you to develop your business, as well as make responsible business decisions.

d) Health:
You may have recently been leading a life which is adversely affecting your body or soul. Archangel Metatron helps open you up to the knowledge you need to start paying more attention to your health and to change your lifestyle for the benefit of your body and soul.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 81%
Love: 70%
Money: 88%
Career: 76%
Ingenuity: 91%

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