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Daily Angel Card Message for Aquarius (19.10)

a) Generally:
The presence of the angel of power means that there may be some difficulties in your life which weaken you. This angel reminds you that a huge power, which will let you overcome all problems and difficulties in life, exists - in you. It supports you and stops you from giving up. You have great strength that will help you get through anything - you just have to believe in yourself and trust God's power, as his power, and the power of his angels, guides you through life.

b) Love:
It is clear that the angels support you, because the card of Archangel Chamuel indicates success and fulfillment in love. This archangel opens your heart to accept this unconditional energy which will fill your whole heart. This means that a positive period in your romantic life is getting ready to begin. All problems and difficulties will slowly fade away, and you will discover the joy and fulfillment of a successful relationship.

c) Career and money:
Financial difficulties never last forever. Never give up fighting for your goals. The angel of support supports you in making the right decisions in finance, business and work. His presence is also a good opportunity for you to start something new that will be of considerable economic benefit.

d) Health:
If your physical condition has recently not been good, the presence of Archangel Gabriel means that some changes are coming in your life. It may be that you start to care more about your health, changing your diet for the better, becoming more physically active. Archangel Gabriel provides you with the wisdom to make the right choices and helps you to take good care of your own body.

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 80%
Love: 66%
Money: 79%
Career: 87%
Ingenuity: 98%

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