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Daily Angel Card Message for Aquarius (28.05)

a) Generally:
In life, you constantly have to make choices, but you are not always sure what you are doing. The angels of the purple flame remind you that you have amazing intuition, through which you can instinctively make the right choice. This card means that a situation that will require you to make a responsible decision may appear in your life. You have to listen to your inner voice, and then you will find the answer.

b) Love:
For people currently in a relationship, the presence of the angels of light could mean that there is a need to become closer to each other. You should sometimes break away from the daily chores and spend more time together. The angels of light also help you to find happiness in love again. Their presence is a good sign for single people, because they help you to forget about failures in love and start a new life!

c) Career and money:
In the past, you may have gotten tangled up in some financial obligations, or a generally unfavorable financial situation. The presence of the angel of happiness means that all financial difficulties will improve, and fortune will show you the way out of any problem. The presence of this angel also means that there may soon be a chance for success in business, the possibility of quickly paying off a loan, or even the opportunity to obtain a very quick influx of money.

d) Health:
This card means that you can no longer mistreat your body. The angels of conversion are urging you to take greater care of your own health, to avoid illness and frequent visits to the doctor in the future. The presence of these angels may also mean that you have some vices that have a negative influence on your body and well-being. Remember that each of us has only one health, so take care of it!

Today's Predispositions:
Health: 68%
Love: 72%
Money: 77%
Career: 70%
Ingenuity: 66%

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