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Career Horoscope: Pisces

Career horoscope for PiscesPisces very often treat the professional issue as secondary matter. In their view, money and work are important in the life, but cannot dominate over the family’s life. If there is such an opportunity, they decide to work with their partners. Pisces belongs to persons with exceptionally stimulated intuition, as well as intense empathy, therefore they are good advisers, carers, not to say guides. Sometimes choose the profession by vocation and desires to help others. They rarely take defeats back, since have an inner strength, which doesn't allow them to give up, even in the most difficult situations. In choice of the work they very often are guided by intuition, which leads them to proper position. For the family good they can undertake almost any job, to satisfy their needs. Their high sensitivity causes that they achieve great successes as artists.

PROFESSION: judge, lawyer, adviser, doctor (particularly psychologist and psychiatrist), policeman, firefighter, architect, artist, teacher, photographer, designer.

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